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Professional gas appliances installation in Geelong

home or commercial gas plumbing services
All your home or commercial gas plumbing needs can be easily met by calling us right now. We can help with advice on products and systems that offer the best value and functionality.

We can supply and install gas appliances, such as stoves, heaters, hot water services etc., repair gas leaks, relocate gas meters, changeover from electricity to gas heating and/or cooking, etc.

Why is energy efficiency important?

Most energy in Australia comes from burning non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil, which produces carbon dioxide – lots of it. The build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the risk of global warming, which is known as the Greenhouse Effect.

Australia's households account for almost 20 percent of our national greenhouse gas emissions, so choosing efficient appliances can play an important role in helping Australia meet its overall greenhouse gas reduction target.
professional gas appliances installation in geelong
choose natural gas or LP gas appliances to save energy
As well as the environmental cost, energy costs money too – both for individuals and for the community. By using energy more efficiently, you will save on your energy bills.

One way to save energy is to choose Natural Gas or LP gas appliances. Another way is to use appliances that require less electricity.

Understanding the appliance rating scheme

All new appliances are given an energy star rating.

The more stars on the label, the more energy efficient the appliance.

When buying an appliance, make sure you compare the size, features, price and running costs of different models. For gas appliances, the energy rating label shows how energy efficient the appliance is and how much gas it uses each year.
new appliances with energy star rating
improved energy efficiency of products that supplied to the market

Which gas appliances carry an energy rating label?

Energy rating labels appear on:

  • Space (room) heaters
  • Ducted heaters (central heating)
  • Water heaters

Energy rating labels also encourage manufacturers and importers to improve the energy efficiency of products that they supply to the market.

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